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Acheron - Decade Infernus (1988-1998)

  • Banda / Band: Acheron
  • Álbum / Album: Decade Infernus (1988-1998)
  • Ano / Year: 2004
  • Tipo / Type: Compilation
  • Selo / Label: CD Maximum, Black Lotus Records
  • Gênero(s) / Genre(s): Death/Black Metal
  • País / Country: United States
  • Qualidade / Quality: MP3@CBR320kbps
  • Tamanho / Size: 314 MB + Encartes/Booklet
CD 1:
1.Thou Art Lord(Rites Of The Black Mass)
2.God Is Dead(Satanic Victory)
3.Slaughterization For Satan(Lex Talionis)
4.Blessed By Damnation(Anti-God,Anti Christ)
5.Immortal Sigil(Those Who Have Risen)
6.Let Us Depart(Rites Of The Black Mass)
7.Satanic Erotica(Satanic Victory)
8.One With Darkness(Alla Xul/Hail Victory)
9.Fuck The Way Of Christ(Anti-God,Anti-Christ)
10.Lifeforce(Those Who Have Risen)
11.The Enochian Key(Rites Of The BLack Mass)
12.Six Six Six(Satanic Victory)
13.Enter Thy Coven(Lex Talionis)
14.Final Harvest(Those Who Have Risen)
15.Ave Satanas(Rites Of The Black Mass)
16.Prayer Of Hell(Satanic Victory)

CD 2:
1.Out Of Body(Those Who Have Risen)
2.Alla Xul(Alla Xul/Hail Victory)
3.To Thee We Confess(Rites Of The Black Mass)
5.Purification Day(Lex Talionis)
6.Hekal Tiamat(Those Who Have Risen)
7.Seven Deadly Sins(Satanic Victory)
8.Cursed Nazarene(Rites Of The Black Mass)
9.Necromaterion Communion(Those Who Have Risen)
10.Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra(Anti-God,Anti Christ)
11.Legions Of Hatred(Lex Talionis)
12.Unholy Praises(Satanic Victory)
13.Summoning The Master(Rites Of The Black Mass)
14.Voices Within(Lex Talionis)
15.Undead Celebration(Those Who Have Risen)
16.The Entity(Lex talionis)

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